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A Video Solution is located in sunny Honolulu, Hawaii, and we serve every island in the state of Hawaii. On occasion, we are involved with productions on the US mainland, and are always happy to bid on those projects. In addition to our comprehensive video production & post production services, we also offer complete commercial & event photography services, DVD chaptering, authoring, duplication, and multimedia production. Website design and promotion round out our offering of commercial services through our Photography & multimedia division- A Photo, Video & Web Co. Creating flash presentations that incorporate MPEG video & streaming video for the web is an exciting area that we are involved with.

Our many loyal customers appreciate the attention to detail, creativity and resourcefullness that are the center of everything we do for them. The focus is always on what serves our clients the best. We are often asked to render advise on how to best provide a service within a specific and often times tight budget. Our team is skilled in many areas, including marketing, advertising and knowledge of local trends and market conditions. We really want our clients to succeed. We are unusually honest with everyone, and work hard to get people on the right track. We do not take on a job if we think it is wasteful or ineffective for the client, regardless of the financial gain on our end. We treasure the wonderful relationships we have developed through the years, and place a high value on helping others make a difference in their respective fields. Our work is unusually interesting because of the great diversity of endeavors that our clients are engaged in, and their often tremendous talents and accomplishments. We consider ourselves very fortunate to be in such great company.

Lighting is everything in video and film, so we focus on lighting very intensely, even with lower-budget projects. Excellent lighting is a very high priority with us. Soft boxes or umbrella lighting are used on indoor shoots for a nice effect, and to minimize harsh shadows. For outdoor shoots, the options range from using a handheld reflector to HMI lights powered by a 60kw crystal sync movie powerplant. The sun can be diffused and bounced with giant panels, even against a fair amount of wind! Dollies, dolly track and a high-end jib are ready to go at all times.This kind of production requires many skilled people, and is certainly not for everyone. The majority of our work is in the promotional and instructional areas, where much simpler and less expensive production practices are employed. The production model that we have created over the years in these areas of production works fabulously well, especially in Hawaii’s challenging outdoor locations.

Good audio is also of great importance. We use hi-end condenser mics, and usually prefer to suspend the mic on a boom, with zeppelin and wind sock. We achieve the best audio recordings with this method. It is a touch of class to not see a lavalier mic clipped onto the persons in front of the camera, and we almost always recommend this method of audio recording. UHF Wireless technology is also employed, when it is called for.

You will enjoy working with us. Although we're not big enough to take on the whole world, we do provide a well rounded offering of services. Resourceful, creative and innovative, with articulate and personal attention to your production and post production projects, as well as photographic, multimedia, DVD and Web needs. Scripting, casting, location scouting and research, production, post production, sound scoring, music production and voice recording. "Let us tell your story". 808.282.0042 or toll-free at 866.591.2224. We place a great emphasis on personally answering the phone, and providing answers to your often times urgent questions.