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The Boeing Co.- Boeing's new C-17 transport aircraft was officially flown to Hickam AFB and Christened by HawaiiÕs Governor, Linda Lingle in February 2006. We covered all photography and video for the entire event, as well as interviews before the main event at Hickam with the massive support team and Top Brass. A video release was edited in short order, and quickly uploaded to Boeing's team in Long Beach for immediate international release. Click here to view it. The C-17 is the Air Force's largest transport plane, and it can land on extremely short and rough runways in third world countries. You may recall the many times that the C-17 has been used for disaster relief with unprecedented success. Some time after her Christening at Hickam, Boeing showcased the official portrait of the C-17 flying over Diamond Head. We covered that event at Niihau Room, Sheraton Waikiki Hotel.

American Resort Development Assoc (ARDA) is the national governing body for the timeshare industry. They hired us to produce a video to show at their annual convention. We recommended to utilize a dramatic component within the video, to which they agreed, and the directors of ARDA were very pleased with our script and overall production.

Porsche Cars North America- Production and post-production of their national rallye/fundraiser for Hope foundation & families of New York fire fighters who lost their lives on 9/11/01. The rallye began in Hawaii. 3 Porsche Turbo's were immediately air-lifted to Washington State after starting the rallye here in hawaii. Driving teams nationwide crossed all 50 states, and Bill Cosby drove the final leg into Manhattan. We were very pleased to be a part of this magnificent event that originated in Hawaii.

Hilton Grand Vacations Club- The timeshare arm of Hilton Hotels asked us to produce two major year-end projects to honor the Waikaloa and Honolulu teams. Both projects were carried out in secrecy, and took everyone by surprise. The Hawaii team generated over 120 million dollars in sales for 2005, and Mark Wang, HGVC Senior Vice President for Hawaii & Asia, thanked everyone for a job well done.

E! Entertainment Television- Coverage of major series premieres for ABC's "Lost", and NBC's "Hawaii". After those premieres, we spent an entire day on the set of "Lost" doing intimate coverage and interviews with Cast, Director and Production Executives.

Starwood Resorts and Hotels- We photographed model couples at the Moana Surfrider, and our graphic designers created eight different photographic presentations which are displayed in each room at every Starwood-affiliated property in Waikiki, inviting guests to explore Starwood's many vacation ownership opportunites.

Carol Beck of Plan B Productions in Atlanta hired us for camera, lighting and audio support at The Gartner Group's 2008 international convention at the Hyatt Resort in Poipu, Kauai. Plan B Productions is an absolute Top-tier design, advertising, special effects and film/video company.

Tyco Telecommunications (Tycom)- Scripting, Prod. & post-prod. of comprehensive training video on every technical area of Tycom's new fiber optic facility on Oahu. The facility is the largest in the Pacific basin, offering Government and private industry total data connectivity via trans-ocean cables, from the US mainland to many foreign countries. Training included Electrical systems, Chillers, generators and fuel storage, security systems, Inergen fire systems and overall facility operations. Our staff is very experienced in technical and scientific video training production.

National Geographic Television- We shot a promo for their 2003 television special- "75th anniversary of Everest", which will be airing in the US and worldwide sometime in 2003. The promo features the first Thai National woman to ascend to the summit of Everest, and will be aired worldwide. The show promises to be an exceptional retrospect of the people, events and history surrounding this awe inspiring mountain.

Borax Co.- The “thousand mule-train” company, famous for their borax soaps happens to be the world’s leading manufacturer of borite preparations used to protect wood from termites. You might notice that the familiar green colored treated lumber is basically a thing of the past due to borite treatment being less toxic to workers, and more effective against those dastardly termites. The Borax Co. hired us to photograph this field test event at The University of Hawaii’s termite research station in Waimanalo, Hawaii. We documented the various outdoor research areas where different treatments were tested against termite infestation. Wouldn’t you know it, but Borax treatments were the most effective!

Honolulu Board of Realtors- We were asked to produce a multi-camera training series dramatizing a realistic and challenging dispute-resolution hearing. We had fun directing these daring non-actors. That is something we are well known for.

Elliot & True- The World-famous Plastic surgery firm hired us to shoot major segments of their Television pilot for their latest broadcast TV venture. This pilot showcases the work of Dr. Barry Miller, unquestionably the finest liposuction surgeon in the world today. We won't gross you out with all the details, but it was amazing to see this man at work. His work is so physical that he must prepare for surgery like a Tri-athlete prepares for a race. He wears a custom air-conditioned space suit during the entire operation, and loads up on a frightening amount of carbs prior to every major surgery.

Bays Deaver Lung Rose & Baba Attys. - This highly respected, top-notch legal firm in Hawaii hired us to document a Hotel tower damaged to the tune of 30 + million dollars. We enjoyed working with the renowned Scientists, Engineers and Attorneys. There was a lot riding on this one, and so we were sworn to secrecy regarding all details of the job.

Wyland Galleries Worldwide- We shot aerial footage of a Yacht entered in the World Cup. Wyland painted some magnificent marine images on both sides of the hull of that remarkable Yacht, which were seen worldwide via TV coverage of the race. In March of 2004, we completed a special sales training DVD series for Wyland Art Galleries Sales Staff, worldwide. Ron Martin of Success Dynamics was a key person in that project, and Wyland shared intimate details of his life and work so the Sales Staff worldwide could share those intriguing stories with Gallery Customers. Wyland is a highly accomplished Sculptor, Photographer & Impressionist Painter in addition to his widely known talents in Marine oil paintings.

The Honolulu Symphony- It was definitely a black-tie affair for the President’s 2005 Birthday Bash at the Halekulani Hotel. Just about everybody was there, including many of the Honolulu Symphony Musicians, who performed some magnificent pieces and familiar show tunes. We covered the gala event and edited together a special commemorative DVD.

Hawaii Opera Theatre- A few years back, we videotaped the final dress rehearsals for HOT, including the unannounced Marriage Ceremony between the two stars of one of the productions. This was a really fun gig!

Aqua Aerobics Unlimited- Internationally renowned water fitness expert Pauline Ivens approached us to produce a 3-part video series, specifically geared for water fitness instructors. Pauline is the most qualified person in the water fitness field, which is rapidly becoming one of the fastest growing exercise programs worldwide. A Video Solution was intimately involved in every aspect of this unique video series, produced soley for water fitness instructors. This initial series of 3 videos is part of a 15 part series that we will be producing for Aqua Aerobics unlimited. Pauline was very pleased with the production value that we provided for a very modest cost.

Directions Inc.- The World's largest producer of Corporate video asked us to shoot a story on Gregory Woo, who is a super-achieving financial planner with AIG/Valic. Greg's story was shown at the companies annual convention on Maui. A Video Solution documented an entire day in the life of this inspiring financial planner.

In-flight Media Inc. - The premier Producers of promotional video shown on commercial flights asked us to direct and shoot this interesting story of Renowned Plastic Surgeon and Artist Dr. Robert Flowers. In-flight & Dr. Flowers were very pleased with our lighting, shot choices and direction.

Success Dynamics, Inc. Ron Martin- Production and Post-Prod. of a six-part series on Retail Sales, and also his Success made easy series, both released on DVD. Ron Martin is far and away the #1 Sales Training Consultant in the State of Hawaii, and one of the best in the world. The cost of the entire 2-camera production as well as the Success series were both significantly under budget, and well recieved.

Coates & Frey, Attnys.- Created a looping video for Clients to view while in the reception area. Partners and all Attorneys presented their specialized areas of expertise in Divorce and Family Law. Coates & Frey are very established in this area of Law in Hawaii.

Tasty & Meatless- This hot new TV show on OC-16 had us design their entire website from scratch, and assist them in video production on many of their episodes. www.TastyandMeatless.com.

St. Jude Research Hospital- Video interviews of some of their larger contributors, and 2004 Convention coverage.

Inside Triathlon Magazine- Beachside interviews and action footage of top Triathletes during April 2004 Olympic trials in Honolulu.

AVCOM Productions- We shot a custom ordered, ultra-wide beach/surf image with 4X5 large format still camera to produce a 40 foot wide image for a Corporate client of theirs to use on the main display at their annual convention, held on Maui. We battled 30 MPH winds at Kahuku beach to meet their immediate deadline!

Hawaii Clients- Sheraton Moana Surfrider Hotel, Aston Hotels, US Dept of Justice- Federal prison at Honolulu Airport, Carlsmith Ball Attnys, Kimo Kaloi for Congress, Natl Assoc of Mail Carriers, Oahu Country Club, PM Realty, Ty Realty, Zen Properties, Artist Pat Carelli Ebert, US Airforce- Hickam AFB MLWRS, US Navy- USS Constellation's infamous "Bounty Hunters".