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We work with Clients from many different fields, and offer them highly personalized service. Often times, we provide both video and photographic services on the same project. In September 2005, we did just that for Hilton Grand Vacations Club. Most of our photographers are very experienced in both fields, and are comfortable in both studio and on-location environments. Some have extensive motion picture experience as DP's, Directors and camera persons. We work very well with your team members- such as: graphic artists, audio specialists, presentation specialists, etc. We also offer outstanding graphic design and web-based services. Take a look at some of our clients.You will find us to be articulate, responsive and surprisingly available via the telephone.

Digital Services

We use Hi-end Canon digital and their best L optics, as well as other lenses such as Nikon’s legendary 14-24mm f2.8, the best engineered wide angle lens in the industry. We find digital very useful for many applications, and enjoy shooting with it. Digital is fantastic when big enlargements are desired due to pixel shading software and the Lambda digital photographic printer. Digital has a very nice look when printed with our Lambda printer onto Kodak professional or metallic photographic paper, and has nice detail and impact with Duratrans backlit transparencies. Digital rates start at $110. per hour with a $250. minimum. Call us to discuss your project and allow us to furnish you with a price quote.

Film-based photographic services

At this point in time, film still offers the best shadow and highlight detail, and overall light contrast performance. Different films offer different looks, great skin-tones, and the best highlight detail of any medium. Large format cameras offer unsurpassed control, and are still in use today photographing jewelry and other small objects where immense depth of field is critically important. The problem is that film-based photographic acquisition is quickly fading. Canon digital shot in raw, with proper lighting and exposure offers exceptional shadow and highlight detail and light contrast performance. Scanning film is slow, expensive and often introduces noise and increased contrast to the image. We do enjoy working with film, but for the reasons stated above, the vast majority of our clients have no interest at all in film-based acquisition. For those who prefer film, we do offer medium format and 35mm photographic services. Rates start at $90 per hour with a $225. minimum.

We much prefer to quote by the job, and offer hourly rates if you prefer that. Sometimes there are additional expenses, such as adjusting, touch-up and ownership of images. Please give us a call at 808.282.0042 from Oahu, or toll-free at 866.591.2224 to discuss your upcoming project. We also offer superb event coverage, both photographic and video.