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We offer you a lot of options and flexibility with in-depth experience on oahu regarding venues, traffic conditions and all the staff at various hotels and facilities on Oahu. For personal events such as Weddings - we recommend A Special Moment Photography & Video.

For every event, we provide lighting, wireless microphone, camera, tripod and associated necessary equipment. We are very adept at anticipating things happening, and quick to get where we need to go. Our customers are very pleased with our work, as we strive to not be obtrusive. Multiple camera jobs are always quoted directly. Every event is unique, so we encourage you to call us and discuss your needs. You will find our honest, straight forward style very refreshing and helpful. Allow us to offer you the benefit of our 18 yrs. in business here in Hawaii. Our local Oahu number is 282.0042, toll-free from the U.S. Mainland is 866.282.0042.

Hi-def DSLR service

$85./ hr $325./ 1/2 day, $595./ day

This option is great for events where we need to move around a lot. The gear is light and quickly moved. Image quality of 1080i is great, with exceptional low-light capabilities. Not the best option where you need really steady coverage. For that, we recommend full-sized, heavy cameras and tripods for the steadiest coverage and smoother zooming/panning capability. (that option is directly below)

Sony DVCam service- full size Camcorder

$85./ hr $325./ 1/2 day, $595./ day

Camera is a Sony DSR-300, 3-chip full-size shoulder mounted camcorder with 1/2" f-11 chips, Canon 18x IF lens, Miller 30 tripod, light kit, hi-end Lectrosonics wireless system with Tram mic, AKG 451 condenser Mic w/boom, zepplin and wind sock, 8" monitor, remote zoom, camera light. Other equip. available for addl. fee. Read package descriptions below for details. Click here to check out what we offer for your more elaborate production needs.

3-chip DV Palmcorder

$70./hr. $265./1/2 day $500./ day

Many events are primarily destined for the web, so this option works well, costs less and is easier to move around. This camera is light, and works well if you need to change locations in the middle of an event, such as corporate functions requiring breakaway groups etc.

Post-Production Services

Our editing rates cover all formats:

$85./ hr $325./ 1/2 day, $595./ day

Major Production Services

Lighting packages, with & without generators, are virtually unlimited. Licensed electricians are avail. to install power circuits directly onto existing power sources. We can convert daylight to match interior lighting, or visa versa. We can reflect existing light with small to huge reflectors, and offer all the manpower and gear to deal with the elements in Hawaii, as well as special sun "screens" that diffuse strong sunlight. HMI lights and crystal sync generator pkgs. are on our MAJOR PROD SVCS page.

Locations are available state-wide. We can secure locations, and we will advise you precisely on expected conditions for the time of year, and the lighting conditions that exist at the locations that you may be considering. Hawaii is a very physical place, so planning and careful preparation is essential to your Production's success. We are expert at dealing with strong winds and sun in Hawaii, and carry necessary liability insurance.