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Recommended Businesses/Services

Photographic & Web services- A Photo Video & Web Co. 591-2220 That would be us! See homepage of this site. We offer not only video production and photographic services, but also web design, optimization and maintenance, multimedia design-production and other useful services to promote your business more efficiently to more people.

Retail Sales Consultant Ron Martin and Success Dynamics. Ron Martin is Hawaii's most celebrated sales "resultant". He coined the word resultant to take the place of consultant. While a good retail consultant can be beneficial, Ron feels that the bottom line is retail success RESULTS! Ron provides retail sales training that gets results. His morning report is a revolutionary way to track your success as well as motivate your people. Ron turned things around for us, perhaps he can do the same for you.

Video Equipment Repair- Sony Hawaii is a great outfit for Sony products, and Video Engineering is an authorized service center for Panasonic, Ikegami and Sony. They are a little less expensive than Sony. JVC Hawaii is great if you own JVC pro gear.

Wireless Communications- Verizon Wireless is overall the best here. Cingular, which is now AT&T, has the best reception on the big island and often other more remote, sketchy places in the state. Nextel has a lot of dropped calls, their rates are higher, and we find their two-way radios to be supremely irritating and do not recommend Nextel unless you are out at sea often. They seem to have strong signal out at sea.

Hardware Stores- Home Depot is open 24 hrs a day, located in Iwilei, which is near to downtown Honolulu. They have everything under the sun, and prices are very good. If you are in west Oahu, the store in Kapolei is very good. City Mill has the most locations, and often have reasonable prices.

Restaurants- Down to Earth Deli near the University on south King st. offers healthy and delicious meals, and has an awesome salad bar. The Buddhist Restaurant in the Chinese Cultural Plaza is my favorite spot. The restaurant is extremely clean, delicious food, the best service, quiet and affordable. ($15. per person approx.)

Hotels- In Waikiki, The Royal Hawaiian and The Sheraton Moana Surfrider are my very favorite. They are the oldest hotels in Waikiki, are quiet, beautiful and quaint. Worth the price of admission. In Kahala, The Kahala is understated Hawaiian elegance at its best, at a hefty cost. On Oahu's north shore, I love The Turtle Bay Hilton. Their extensive and impressive renovations are now complete, and although the prices have gone thru the roof, it is an awesome place now!! They are nestled on a most beautiful spot. On Maui, I love The Wailea Grand Hotel, when I can afford it!

Car Rentals- Dollar is an efficient and affordable outfit, and Budget rent a car has some really nice specialty cars, convertibles etc, and are very competitive price wise. Very nice people and great service.

Airlines- Hawaiian Air is best for both interisland, mainland & south pacific. Their jets are by far the most quiet, and their people and service is tip top. Although Go! Has lowered prices, we honestly do not like their bullying their way into our market at the expense of locally originated businesses that employ people from Hawaii.

Drugstores- In a word, Longs Drugs. Many locations, one of the best run businesses in the world. Great sales all the time on the most liked products that anyone could possibly want in one place.

Grocery Stores- Down to Earth, University area, Kailua, Pearl City and all over Maui. One of the best run stores anywhere. Awesome in-store deli's with seating, whole grain bakery, the best prices on healthy kine grinds, and constant sales on great products. Their service is so good, you will think you are in another world! Major selection of the healthiest foods anywhere.

General Merchandise- Wallmart stores are very well run, offer a great selection of products, and their service is great. Longs Drugs also carries a rather large line of general merchandise, hawaiian goodies (mac nuts & candies) and personal care.

Auto Parts- Carquest is my first choice. Checkers is sometimes less expensive, but McCully Carquest is where i get my questions answered, and they usually beat Checkers on rebuilt parts, such as starters, alternators, etc etc. Checkers is cheaper on filters, fluids and name brand products.

Dentists- Kimo Fukuroda at Medical Arts bldg. Creighton graduate, hi-tech and up to date with the latest. The most affordable crowns, fillings and root canals. Ouch!! Kimo has provided me with 5 crowns, 2 root canals, and a few fillings. His root canals have been totally succuessful with no problems years later. That is not an easy thing to be good at! He and I also recommend highly the Sonicare sonic toothbrush. It has saved my teeth, and decreased sensitivity significantly. The best $100. you will ever invest!

Chiropractor- Patrick Sullivan in Kailua, Oahu. He is deeply skilled, and is a great guy. His rates are only $25. per visit if you opt for his 5 treatment plan upfront. ($125. for 5) He utilizes kinesiology, and is actually trained & certifired in that science. pat spends more of his own money on specialized training than anyone I know.He comes very highly recommended.236-3131.

Massage & Acupuncture- John Renna of Eight ways in Wailua at Ka’ala healing arts center (north shore of Oahu) is a licensed Accupuncturist and Herbalist. His Chinese accupressure massage is the most healing massage you have ever experienced. John is superb at this, and combines accupuncture with his accupressure treatments, and is a master herbalist. He can get you back on track, and for a very reasonable cost! Nicest person to work with, guaranteed! 637-4880. Check Ka’ala healing arts for latest phone number if above number is not working.

Movie Theatres- Signature Theatres in Pearl City next to Sam's Club has the finest theatres and sound system in Hawaii, (main Theatre). The Kahala Theatres in Kahala Mall are pretty nice. The new Ward Complex Theatres are the newest. It is a slick place, very chic and well liked. A little overwhelming on weekend nights, though.

Photo labs- Hawaii Pacific Photo Photo on Beretania St. just Diamond Head of McCully Street is our lab for all the printing we do for customers. 947-4774. They are the only Lab in Hawaii that uses superior Kodak Professional paper. They are a hi-end digital lab, with the finest digital printer made- The infamous Lambda printer. The owner is very good at tweaking in Photoshop. They reference their equipment constantly, and are pretty spot on about most things.

Video tapes, blank DVD's and Media- Cosmo is overall pretty good for Hawaii. 949-2811. No one is up to snuff compared to major Mainland cities like L.A., but Cosmo is generally pretty satisfying. Like most businesses in Hawaii, they run out of stock sometimes due to relatively small volume of sales here compared to places such as L.A. Always buy archival rated CD’s and DVD’s wherever you shop for this kind of media.

New & Used Pro Video gear- We offer everything, but do not stock much. Toll-free is 866-591-2224 and our local Oahu number is 591-2220. Everyone locally basically sucks! Nothing is stocked, most people do not know their equipment. Sorry! The best here is Videolife. They do well considering the fickle market here, but be careful- they can be really expensive on many items. 521-7110.


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