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Don't worry, our rates are very competitive!
Major Video & Film Production Services

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Video Cameras and equipment:

We currently have 2 matching Red Epic HD cameras, with a very nice
assortment of zoom and prime lenses and very skilled DP/operator,
plus a Jimmy jib with remote head, aka hot head and Hawaii’s best
jib operator. We can shoot any format utilizing any camera system that you want.

Matte box w/ Tiffen glass 4" filter sets- low contrast set, black pro-mist set, ND grad, blue grads, polarizing, 81 A/B warming, coral set, etc.

Several tripods are offered as well as various portable jibs, curved and straight dolly tracks/systems. Chimera soft boxes, HMI lighting pkgs and various generator pkgs. Call 808-282-0042.

Expert jib service is available, we do not rent. Call or email for a quote.

Huge diffusion and reflector screens, sandbags and grips galore to keep things in place.

Lighting- HMI, Tungsten & Incandescent

HMI Par Package ­ LTM HMIs with reliable magnetic ballasts.
32k Tungsten Packages ­ 5k Fresnels to Teenie Weenies
Kino-flos ­ 4x4 bank and 2x2 bank, Chimera soft boxes.


Mics from Lavealiers to Sennheiser 416 shotgun with carbon graphite boom, zepplin and dead cat wind cover. Nagra lV S-TC and other recorders, consoles, computers etc.

Grip packages

We have baby light stands to mombo-combos, parallels, cable carts, jib arms, C-stands, expendable supplies, dolly track, dolly ­ we have it all!


From small Honda 1000w & 2000w to Light Power crystal sync 60kw movie quiet power plants.


Experienced camera operator with years in film and video
Gaffer ­ 15 years in both motion picture and video.
Sound Mixers , Boom Operator
Also available: licensed & insured Electricians. Grips available, but only when using our production services.

Services & Rates

Various pkgs and options available. We can also rent your camera choices if they are available in Hawaii, call or email for info and quote. Don’t worry, our rates are very competitive!

Pls. email or call us at 282.0042 locally on Oahu, or toll-free at 866.591.2224 for more information or quotations.