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At A Video Solution, we record all of our voice overs and naration at On The Rock Recording Studio. They are a high quality, state of the art recording facility, and are part of our family and company. We love their Neuman mics and tube pre-amps for that detailed, warm sound! A Video Solution provides On The Rock with all of their music video production and post production needs. They are Located in Honolulu on an old-time five acre estate. The resident chief engineer is one of the most experienced high profile Grammy Award winning sound engineers in the country.

Meet the Resident Engineer

Steven Escallier

A thirty year plus music industry veteran, recording engineer & producer - Steve Escallier has been privileged to work with some of the industry's most creative and best selling artists and producers.
His credits and experiences are as wide ranging as music itself from rock legends Alice Cooper and Tom Petty to Jazz legends Grover Washington Jr. and Joey Defrancesco to the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra.

Steve has also recorded and produced countless projects for aspiring new artists - a special passion of his - many of which were the first steps to greater successes and aspiring carrers in music for them. Steve takes his privilege of being closely involved with each project very much to heart.

Whatever your audio production needs are, On the rock will absolutely be able to do it for you, they do it all for us! From full album recordings to CD graphics to voice-overs and duplication services, they do it all.

Call owner Tim Strickland at 847-7625 or email him at: ondarock@qualityrecordinghawaii.com

Their full-service website is at: