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Commercial Video Production Rates

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Customers' Videos

We offer many format options- Standard def, HI-def via DSLR systems and HI-def via RED Epic cameras.1/2 day=4 hrs., full day=8.5 hrs., 3 hr. min. on hourly service.Prices include camera person, assistants are extra. (see below) Jobs requiring extensive equipment require a full day commitment due to preparation time. We can provide a detailed bid on projects large and small. Hourly rates below. Mahalo!

Hi Def service- DSLR and Red Epic

$95./ hr $375./ 1⁄2 day $695./ day 3 hours minimum.

DSLR is often the best choice when supplemental lighting is not an option, and image quality is very impressive, especially in low light conditions. We offer both the Panasonic GH2 and Canon 5D Mark III. Nothing we offer compares to our new RED Epic Hi-def cameras. Epic is their top of the line camera. Pricing is by the project only, and we do not rent these guys out by themselves. 808-282-0042

Sony DVCam service

$85./ hr $325./ 1/2 day, $595./ day 3 hours mimimum.

This option is well suited for events where camera positions are far away from the action due to steadiness inherent with large. heavy camera and tripod. Our canon 18x IF lens is tailor made for conventions & events requiring great shooting distances. Includes heavy, stable tripod, light kit, wireless Mic, AKG 451 condenser Mic w/boom, zepplin and wind sock, 8" monitor w/blue screen, camera light. Other equip. available for addl. fee.

Other Production Services

Grips are $12.-$15./hr.

Lighting packages, with & without generators, are virtually unlimited. Licensed electricians are avail. to install power circuits directly onto existing power sources. We can convert daylight to match interior lighting, or visa versa. We can reflect existing light with small to huge reflectors, and offer all the manpower and gear to deal with the elements in Hawaii, as well as special sun "screens" that diffuse strong sunlight. HMI lights and crystal sync generator pkgs. available.

Locations are available state-wide. We can secure locations, and we will advise you precisely on expected conditions for the time of year, and the lighting conditions that exist at the locations that you may be considering. Hawaii is a very physical place, so planning and careful preparation is essential to your Production's success. We are expert at dealing with strong winds and sun in Hawaii, and carry necessary liability insurance coverage.

Post-Production Services

We work with Final Cut Pro for all projects.

DSLR Hi-def rates

$75./hr (2 hr. min.), $275./ 1/2 day, $525./day

Standard definition rates

$75./hr (2 hr. min.), $275./ 1/2 day, $525./day

RED projects are priced by the project and depends on the request. 808-282-0042