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A Video Solution specializes in the best video presentations for the Internet. Our new innovative process creates much smaller file sizes, so your customers can download or stream your presentation quickly, costing you less on downloading fees with your server. Businesses can now showcase their products and services 24 hrs a day, with superb image quality and clear audio. Your customers can comfortably view your presentation at anytime, with absolutely no fear of sales pressure. These days, your customers are more and more expecting this kind of access to information, and when they call you, they will have less questions. That saves you a lot of valuable time during your operating hours. A Video Solution can also handle your website design and maintenance needs. An informative and effective website is a valuable tool if it is clear and thorough. Our rates are a reasonable $25. per hr., and we can also effectively promote your site. Call us at 808-591-2220 or email us at vidsolve@gmail.com.

The options:

1)  We carefully edit the raw footage into a polished Video Presentation, and then we compress it, set the frame rate, data rate etc. Finally, your presentation can be placed onto our website, or a CD-Rom mailed to your webmaster.


2)  You send us a finished, edited video, and we compress it and place onto our site, or mail a CD-Rom to your webmaster.  Typically, a customer supplied video is not optimally edited for Internet applications. We reccommend allowing us to tweak your presentation for best results.

Remember, we are a full-service video production, photographic services, multimedia, web and graphic design/print Co.  E-mail us, or call our office at 808.282.0042 for gracious and informative service, and a free quote that you will find to be detailed and affordable.